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Monday, July 29, 2013 - 09:15:33 WITA
UNICEF Develop Holistic and Integrative Early Childhood Education in South Sulawesi
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UNICEF which is known as a worldwide organisation specifically addressing the welfare and education of children, develop a program of Holistic and Integrative Early Childhood Education in South Sulawesi.

In relation to the program development, a workshop on Holistic and Integrative Early Childhood Education was held in Tree Hotel Makassar, on Saturday (27/07/2013).

Head Official of Department of Education of South Sulawesi province, Abdullah Jabbar, said, with the UNICEF assistance programs, development of early childhood education in this area focuses on education to entrust different learning methodologies, especially those applied to early ages children.

In the future, said Abdullah Jabbar, early childhood education system will be conducted in holistic and integrated teaching methods. In such a system, there will be a mixture of general education with religious education, health and nutrition education.

"Particularly in early childhood system is holistic and integrative, including delivery issues, preparation of classroom learning program that will be commenced from kindergarten education institutions, playgroup, and nursery," said Abdullah Jabbar.

“With a comprehensive program for children,” said Abdullah Jabbar, “it is expected for education system in South Sulawesi will be of higher in quality because of their learning programs are more sustainable.” (Insan)

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